Hi,  I’m Lola.

(She/her, wearing custom apparel
in front of an original painting.)


I help people develop the over all look and feel of special creative projects with custom thematic artworks. I work with clients like theme parks, children’s, pop culture type brands, entertainment, retail, events, and lots of museums. I frequently work as an illustrator and surface pattern designer too. In fact I sell some of my fashion work in my store. 

Though each of my project outcomes are very different, they all pull from my background in visual arts, dramatic theatrical design, writing and directing and my educational programming background. With a natural curiosity and a well rounded experience in arts techniques and interpretation, I create innovative ways to present experiences. This brings tons of value to my clients. 


I'm described as the creative glue on the team because I connect and collaborate with so many different types of creatives on a big idea. As I help you put the story puzzle together, I keep learning, stay strongly connected to your branding and keep strategic use of resources front and center to my ethos.


I'm an interdisciplinary creative director.

Let's talk about how we can enhance your project.