About the Art

Hi! I'm Lola and I love to paint expressively! Whether it's print on demand, or a directly painted work of art, all my products involve hand painting in their creation! You can see how the originals are made in the video below.

My Artistic Process 

I believe that we are all works of art.  Expressing ourselves makes the world more beautiful.

I've been painting on fabrics and creating extravagant garments for performers for many years.  

The creation process is a thrilling one that took me years to perfect technique and build up to a signature style!


Print on demand pieces feature motifs that I hand paint first on paper, and then use digital collaging to make surface designs to print on each specific product. The special commissions are usually painted directly on the garment.  

In both originals and the print on demand pieces, each garment has been designed with love, and positive energy. Each sale supports my work as a unique artist. 

Asset 7.png

My new logo represents a star.
Did you know you are made of stardust?
It's time to shine!

 Learn a little more about the collections as I make them!