I'm an interdisciplinary artist.


I'm a writer / director / producer / designer who visualizes artistic endeavors and guides them as they take shape.  I  nurture the audiences journey with interpretive ideas, and together these ideas swell into a magical and meaningful, ocean of experience. 

I'm an edu-tainer who believes bold, expressive experiences bring people and ideas together.  I aim to captivate my audience, leave them forever changed, and activate them to become agents of change in their own word.


I orchestrate unfolding journeys, layering discoveries adding drama and staccato, fueling the heights, quieting the spaces, pushing and pulling the environment, making the audience invest themselves and conjuring collective memory.

I ask myself, what does the audience expect in this journey? How can we surprise them? Where are the exact moments along the way to put in some humor, a twist, a turn, a jumping off point, a safe landing, an action or a connection? 


I believe that the interpretation of a story, should flow across many different experiencial platforms. Learning new mediums allows me to imagine and innovate. Blending platforms, technology and artistry keeps the experiences surprising and educational. It ensures that an array of different learning styles are promoted for engagement.


I'm strategic in the use of resources and I design with layers of value - always considering the maximization of marketing possibilities because getting people to the experience, is integral to the experience itself.


I pull team members in to projects with my knack for selecting talent, and I use the languages of many different creative disciplines, technology platforms and stakeholder initiatives to keep everyone on task, on budget, united and enthusiastic.

©2019 by Lola Lombard Creative.