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- Janet Elman, Executive Director
of the American Association of Museums

    The thing is, the place was just an empty classroom, but Lola was able to make the children see so much more in their imaginations. My daughter was so completely immersed in the story that she was that she felt like she was far, far away.




I wrote and produced 40 plays for Lola's Lab. Stories took place over 1 -5 days, staging 2 acts daily. I licensed 1 of these week-long plays in 2018 to Encore Theater in Virginia. I also presented one of the plays in a short 1-hour format at the National Children's Museum.

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Interpretive Programming

I wrote many thematic curriculum packages, curating informational content for lessons while directing educational programs. Themes featured the cultural arts of over 90 countries, national parks, music of the last 50 years, greek mythology, recycling, space, circus, zoology, and historical women. The packages each included introductory and break-out information, videos, photographs, and interactive, participatory programming based on art, movement, and drama.  

cultural curriculum.jpg

Opening Ceremonies and Extravaganzas

In 2004 I co-wrote the opening ceremonies for VSA at the Kennedy Center, which celebrates international creative artists. I structured the show with pockets for acts couched inside an overarching story about a crayon that brought color to everything blank it touched.

Waking collage.jpg

That year I also wrote and illustrated Waking. Waking is a "Musical Dream Parade" The theme explores introspection, faith, and celestial myth. In the play, Henry, the protagonist, wanders through a dreamland. As he encounters and explores his fears, he unlocks others similarly trapped by illusions.

Books, Video, Podcasts

My first book “Zoopossible Royal Kingdom, (42 pgs.) was published on Amazon in 2013. The second, Super Oink, (80 pgs.), is finished, and I'm currently seeking an agent. 

Superoink takes readers to the county fair to the tale of a stolen pie, a super fast pig, and how creativity saves the day. 

Lola Lombard Illustrator card.jpg

Zoopossible: Royal Kingdom tells the tale of a selfish Princess who comes to live in a sustainable Kingdom. Published by Createspace in 2015.

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