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Expressing a mood, unfolding sequential information. layering illustrations. though creative direction & art direction. Often combining photography, illustration, styling and costume design for the full effect.



Brand Strategy

REFASHION Anonomys  SHOW BRAND BOARD- lime circle (2).png


Brand sig update-cover.png

Logos and Branded Photography

Abe Lincoln as Refashionshow Model by Lola Lombard
Instagram look REFASHION_refashion revised LOGOS.png

Watch Lola's presentation:

Watch the beginning process of this project!

Phase 1 mood boards:

Watch the client's reaction to designs:


The creation of ReFashionshow's brand board includes new colors, logo, and photography, including AI imagery. The process began with the moddboards shown below.  You can see more about the process by watching the links included below. ReFashion Show is an event/fashion suburbanization under a larger organization called Trash to Treasure Movement. 


While on the ReFashionshow project, I rose from Graphic Designer for social media to Brand Designer to Strategic Event Advisor over 6 weeks.  The project incorporated the creation of many branded elements for the show, from signs to name tags and monitor displays, social media posts and reels, and a website overhaul. The project was so successful that it has expanded again to now include a rebrand for the overarching Organization (Trash To Treasure Movement). and my strategic role has also expanded to address the future of the Trash To Treasure Movement.).


Brand Strategy

Quanto Brand Board - Lola Lombard.jpeg

Creation of Quant Basta's brand board with new the creation of new colors, logo and AI imagery included discussions on potential services that the company might offer in addition to the imagery and messaging needed to depict the unique spirit of the brand.


Website Design

reiki 3.png
REIKI 2.png

A conceptual website design for mind/body services. This site design aims for a youthful audience by focusing on celestial and futuristic design trends and using many fun fonts to depict cosmic energy and mystical powers.


Strategic consulting and pattern design

BHMA final asset development page.png

Museum consulting services began with an assessment of the current museum. Then I addressed missing foundational graphic assets, adding creative, branded merchandise, designing room flow, and suggesting physical exhibition design elements, educational programs, and funding opportunities. The overall primary needs for the museum hinged on creating community awareness and legitimacy; therefore beginning this project by designing a suite of branding elements was essential. 


Theatrical Arts Education website, collateral, merchandise design

Lab header for webpage 2.png
Lab EVENTS AND CAMPS - bible slide FRONT BRAND- sm copy copy 2.png
THANK YOU- Lola's hat.png
SNOW MAN LogoCMYKCamp for imaginative kids.jpg

Lola's Lab produced immersive, live-action, story-based events for many years and was moving from a live model to an online experience. This site design mocked up a web-based portal where kids could sign in, follow the episodes, download projects and share them in a creative community. Designs for Lola's Lab featured my photography, illustration, graphics and costume design.

Fashion Exhibition / Rental Concept, Website

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 12.48.40 PM.png


This conceptual exhibition website serves a niche audience who collect fashion. This audience desires to both learn and engage with special wearables.  This website design offers exhibition experiences,  a rental exchange and an artifact diary so users can track and share their experiences wearing a notable garment. It's clean, art museum - style design reflects the value and importance of the garment as both art object and artifact. It includes an interactive timeline to catalogue the user experiences of rental artifacts, and features an exhibition page. about special collections. 



Event Activity & Gift Graphics

Gerald O. Young
Dedication Zone

Kindness Museum

Logo Development


Festi-belle was a Bat Mitzva event with a maker vibe. Simple and pretty, custom abstract background paired with fonts that worked together to achieve a strong, active, and personal feeling. SMILE ON is a clever little pun for the way the guest should feel remembering the Festi-belle event and the function of applying lip balm. 

The Button Graphics were signs at an activity station at the event. The same abstract yellow art was used throughout the wayfinding and other graphics at the event as well. I was the creative director of the entire event as well. Inquire more about this event to receive a PDF "magazine" of the whole project.


Music Streaming Website

Screen Shot 2022-07-09 at 11.25.02 PM.png

Sherri Sosslau is the actual name of the incomparable DJ Hot Sauce, who spins her eclectic playlists on WAMU once a week. With this simple site, I leveraged her prior assets to allow her fans to stream her music all day, any day they want. I also created a new logo which connects to her work and the collage illustration by Ipek Younger.


Kindness Museum-05.png
Kindness Museum-05.png
Kindness Museum-05.png
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