Illustration + Surface Design

I love to commission and license my work. If you'd like to see more than what's below, please get in touch. You'll find even more designs in the website's store too.

Obama Inauguration Illustrated Gown

This handpainted piece was made to celebrate the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. Featuring moments and symbols of American pride, the dress had the power to bring people together to converse about what they had in common instead of what divides. This project was covered in the media internationally and  received a profile in the Huffington Post.

Interactive Illustrated Children's Books

Products, especially books, are a perfect way to extend content exhibited in other ways. Products allow the participant to invest themselves deeper and activate themselves in the messaging.  


I've written and Illustrated books based on the plays I wrote in Lola's Laboratory. I always allow the reader to personalize the experience with prompts that activate the imagination.