immersive programming

A variety of examples... 

  • In the musical parade "Waking," the audiences dances to a DJ character appearing inside a giant jellyfish.

  • In the "Obama gown," people gather to converse about the illustrations on the dress.


  • In the digital interactive, "Eyes of Ballston," users converse over the internet and "wake up" eyes made of programmed LED's.


  • At the outdoor event "Festi-belle," guests ride art bikes, play with giant bubble wands, dress up and sing.


  • In the festival and parade "Bloom," the reboot of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, a city becomes a canvas with a participatory artisan parade and then the exploration moves outward into destinations of open art studios and classes.


  • In the "40 Years iphone app" for Meridian International Center, people all can explore an exhibit on diplomacy that traveled in China, no matter where they are in the world.

  • I've also created 2 companies for children (below,) which allowed kids to immerse themselves in learning taking part in different ways.


Left Noodle Right Noodle

LNRN was an arts enrichment company that provided thematic informational content via day camps and classes taught through art, drama, and movement for Pre K-5th grade. I was the creative/artistic director and program writer for LNRN’s 90 country Global Arts Odyssey curriculum which ran in over 40 schools for 4 years. The Left Noodle-Right Noodle reach had over 700 loyal families and served thousands of experiences for children at their own sold-out camps, and as vendors at host locations.

founder, programatic  writer, artistic/creative director, illustrator.

Lola's Lab

founder, programatic and theatrical writer, artistic/creative director, illustrator, costume and product designer

Lola's Lab offered a range of theatrical immersive programming. I wrote, directed and designed 40 original plays  paired with original arts curriculum and coordinating original participatory story-products that allowed the audience and the characters to  break the fourth wall together. Kids were able to solving problems through multidisciplinary arts. For 7 years Lola's Lab offered live programs and over the last year, I've begun to experiment with designing and directing new video and podcasts called Heroes of Imagination, where kids listen and then meet the characters via live media.

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