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Getting "red carpet ready" for a special event? Perfect for a VIP, this stunning dress was lovingly painted with birds, flowers and clouds by artist, Lola Lombard. It is a size 6, and fits someone aproximatly 5'7".  It's sure to capture all the attention in the room. 


The Bird Gown is a piece of unforgettable, wearable art that took months to paint by hand. It was painted on a torso form, so that each element falls in the perfect place sculpturally and enhances the beauty of the wearer. Lola's one of a kind pieces are responsible fashion. Before this beautiful gown was painted, it was a wedding gown, preworn in plain white, by someone deeply in love.The original, figure flattering, white silk wedding gown was designed and manufactured by luxury wedding gown designer, Jennie Lee Couture of Beverly Hills. In the video of the process, you will see it in it's orginal undecorated form. Lola reimagined this dress to keep it in an audiences eye, to capture hearts and imaginations again (and again) at special events and also hanging on a wall as art. Her technique of painting has been honed over many years. It's a is thrilling effort that must be carried out expertly or just one wrong move of the brush and the dress could be ruined by the permanent inks. Lola believes that by reimagining this gown, this gown has build excelent karma and will continue to gain more as it lives on, transforming the wearers experience into something truly elevated.






  • The pink ribbon on the back was added for the model in the photo. It was removed and will be conveyed to the buyer should they wish to use it on the gown or in thier hair. The gown is dry cleanable. The gown is not returnable once purchased. 

  • ​Red carpet originals are unique piece of sculptural art. They have been meticulously hand-painted with color-fast inks and paints onto luxury fabrics. The fabulous pieces in the inspired collection are printed versions of the original painting, which I  redesign through an artistic process that allows for composing the art onto new and different shapes. 

    Red carpet pieces can be commissioned or are available as listed in the store. Red carpet pieces can take one or more months to create.