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festival  concepts    

Inspiring with strategic economic development place-making or community development strategies in mind. Concepts include interactive sculptures, parades, and festival concepts for spectaculars, public art and performance art concepts. 

I've also served on the Public Art Committee of Arlington County, VA for 4 years helping facilitate arts in communities, interacting with government and fine artists.

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Concepts include interactive sculptures,  web apps, and  media concepts .Interactive projects I have worked on have had strategic economic development place-making, and audience building strategies in mind. I'm really intrigued by developing combinations of media that give the audience an artistic or personal response after their feedback. 

theatrical  design         

Heavily themed special events, live show costuming for circus, international parades, opening ceremonies, feature film, theme park and live-action immersive theater.



  • 40+  plays produced multiple times in Lola's Lab, at the National Children's Museum and licensed  for stages at arts organizations since 2018

  • "Waking," a dream parade, won an individual artist grant Arlington County

  • 3 Children's Books, 1 self-published, 1 ready for publication, 1 in development

  • Episodes of Lola's Lab for the web

  • Loads and loads of engaging program curriculum including 90 Countries of global arts and culture lessons, and programs programs and creative art, drama, movement for kids from pre-K through 7th grade

  • Blogs, videos, special event opening scripts, and spectaculars

  • Exhibit text panels

  • Proposals

Button Signage

art direction, graphics

&  illustration

As the first person to ever work in 2 departments simultaneously at Disney, (entertainment design and merchandise design) I was lucky to receive a unique birds eye view of an audience members experience inside a brand-- from invitation thru memorable takeaway. I'm hardwired to envision every project in this way.

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creative media 

Producing, directing and designing on projects have included films, podcasts and apps for artists, small business and organizations. I've been bringing stories to the screen and to podcasts that were previously on the stage in my company Lola's Lab, and directing/producing short business marketing films for my company Story 17. 


I currently volunteer at Arlington Independent Media, as the Floor Director and Camera Operator for the weekly news roundtable production of "Square Circle," in the television studio and working on field productions for others.

museum exhibits

Immersive environments, curation and display are essential in a museum experience. I've worked on trade shows, museums, touring exhibits, windows and interior retail deign.



When the audience can internalize and experience, they remember the message. I've spent 17 years writing programming that engages participants in the stories they encounter, weather it's through books, plays, live action role play, performance art, events or exhibits, that create audience interaction and memorable outcomes. 

Iv'e been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember.