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About Lola & the Art

My artwork, created through paintings and photography, will infuse your day with the power of color, style, and a sense of joy.

They are each made from a place of expression, which is the key to making the world more beautiful and more human. Wearing collectible pieces of wearable art allows you to be an individualist,  elevating your attitude and those you encounter through what you wear. 

I've been painting on fabrics and creating extravagant garments for performers for many years. I have a degree in costume design. I've designed for film and special events. And right before the pandemic, when printing technology changed, I could finally create my paintings on activewear, imagining it beyond the stage into styles that make you feel bolder and more beautiful everywhere you go.


Whether it's print on demand or a directly painted work of art, all my products involve hand painting in their creation! You can see how the originals are made in the video below.

My Artistic Process 

The creation process is a thrilling one. It took me years to perfect the techniques I use to reflect my signature style!


Print-on-demand pieces feature motifs that I hand paint on paper and then use digital collaging to make surface designs to print on each product. Sometimes I involved photography techniques as well. The special commissions are usually painted directly on the garment.  

In both originals and print-on-demand pieces, each garment has been designed with love and positive energy. Each sale supports my work as a unique artist. I'm so appreciative of the opportunity to enhance people's lives with my work!


 Learn a little more about the collections as I make them! 

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