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Creative Style, Strategy + Services

I create custom art works and direct the design of artistic experiences.​​

  • Illustration, surface design, photography

  • Interactive/web design, branding, graphics

  • Exhibition flow, physical, and digital features

  • Theatrical design and direction

  • Interpretive programming 

  • Thematic merchandise design

  • Public art

I serve as a creative director, design strategist, specialty artist, or creative liaison.

 My sense of theatricality and an inventive mindset gives me an inside track on being a dramatic storyteller. I imagine the vision and work on the technical side, directing through mood boards and illustrations, choosing the team of artists, making artwork, and designing meaningful products that support the story.

I'm often described as the creative glue on the team because I connect and collaborate with many different types of creatives. As I put a design together, I keep learning, stay connected to the message, story, and brand, and always keep strategic use of resources front and center to my ethos. 

Creative Clients:

Disney - Kennedy Center - 1st Helicopter Squadron - Meridian International - WWII Through Russian Eyes - State Department - Ballston Public Displays of Innovation - Expo 98 US Pavilion - DC Commission on the Arts - AARP - Keiser Permanente - Left Noodle-Right Noodle - Lola’s Lab  - Arlington County Public Arts Commission - and many others.

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