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Creative Style, Strategy + Services

I create custom art works and direct the design of artistic experiences. 


​I help others with creative direction, design strategy, exhibition development, creative liaison servicesI'm often described as the creative glue on the team because I connect and collaborate with many different types of creatives. As I put a design together, I keep learning, stay connected to the message, story, and brand, and always keep strategic use of resources front and center to my ethos. 

I'm a dramatic storyteller. I use my imagination to invent new concepts, develop exhibitionand work on the technical side, creating art, mood boards and illustrations, choosing a team of artists, working with creative fabricators, and designing meaningful products that support the story. 

  • Illustration, surface design, photography

  • Interactive/web design, branding strategy, graphics

  • Exhibition development, flow, physical, and digital features

  • Theatrical design and direction

  • Interpretive programming 

  • Thematic merchandise design

  • Public art

Creative Clients:

Disney - Kennedy Center - 1st Helicopter Squadron - Meridian International - WWII Through Russian Eyes - State Department - Ballston Public Displays of Innovation - Expo 98 US Pavilion - DC Commission on the Arts - AARP - Keiser Permanente - Left Noodle-Right Noodle - Lola’s Lab  - Arlington County Public Arts Commission - and many others.

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