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It's time to Be VIBRANT

Wearing art turns every day into an extraordinary one. It starts conversations. It lifts moods, brightens the room, celebrates life, and makes your heart fly.  

Discover the Collections

Sustainable fashion FEELS AWESOME

  • TRANSFORMATION WILL HAPPEN! Our clothing is made to inspire you. Expect to feel like you are living your best life, feeling bold and inspired in your every day, all-day activities.

  • STYLING - Embrace wearing prints! It's easy to pair them with solids already in your wardrobe.  They provide lots of zing! 

  • SUSTAINABILITY - Our clothes are made to order. There is no waste. We don't carry inventory.  Products usually take  2-3 weeks to fulfill in the USA during normal manufacturing and shipping timelines. We try to keep a small footprint and don't ship to outside the states. Yea, baby. That's right. You get something special.

  • POLICY - Products are made to your order in the size you requested. We pay to manufacture and for the shipping each time. We don't like an "all sales final" policy, because sometimes mistakes happen. But we are a tiny brand and can't handle returns and exchanges like a mega brand. 

    So, instead, here's our policy:
    1) Size exchanges only. Avoid a size exchange by checking the
    size charts before you order; you can also get advice from us! Give yourself love and PREPARE FOR JOY.
    2) Size exchanges require you to send your item back and have a 30% exchange order fee. Details here. 

Just Sayin'

Stacy H 

I got my Lola Lombard designed leggings today! Y’all...these are a work of art and so fabulously comfy!!! You must check them out and get your own pair today!!!

It's a great way to support a fabulous artist “and” to stay comfy and trendy in your social distancing efforts!


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