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One -Of-A-Kind
Hand-painted Wedding Gowns
Bird dress wearable painting by Lola Lombard on Jenny Lee Couture.png

Hey Art Lover, Getting red carpet ready? Lola accepts commissions for custom wearable art pieces.

Artist, Lola Lombard, hand paints over pre-worn silk gowns turning them into stunning custom wearable art. Lola's hand painting technique has been honed over many years so that each element she includes falls in the perfect place sculpturally to enhances the beauty of the wearer. Lola works with her clients to create a gown transforms the wearers experience into something truly elevated. After your event, she can also help you with display options ore re-design so the gown can be reworn, displayed as a whole or reframed as art. 


The Bird Gown shown above is a piece of unforgettable, wearable art painted by hand. In the video of the process below, you will see Lola in her studio, transform the gown from all white duchess silk into a painting of birds, flowers, stars and clouds.  

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