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Hi,  I’m Lola. 

(She/her, wearing custom apparel in front of an original painting.)

I help develop exhibitions, and creatively direct exciting custom thematic artworks for theme parks, children’s, pop culture type brands, entertainment, retail, events, museums and exhibitions.  I'm also an illustrator and surface pattern designer.


I work in collaboration with artists and designers, museums, entertainment companies, brands and theme parks to heighten the flavor of their projects.  I consult with clients on the vision for projects, I collaborate with other designers and I design certain artworks myself as well.  I'm often described as the creative glue on the team because...

I'm a interdisciplinary visionary.

My work relies on my background in visual arts and theatrical design, writing and directing. I use my interpretation skills to strategize innovative ways to present experiences, and to determine and direct elements so that they have a high degree of artistic style.


Learning, enlisting talent, branding and strategic use of resources are front and center to my ethos. My 25 years of experience, allows me to uniquely understand how the whole storytelling puzzle fits together from a wide variety of fabrication techniques. Plus, I'm unusually skilled at strategic audience education and engagement strategies that can develop around specialty artworks which brings tons of value to the projects. 




I have a playful style, and a passion for continuous learning, supporting and leading. My enthusiastic and inventive nature inspires all my clients to stand out from the rest.

Let's talk about how we can enhance your project.

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