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 I've worked among different mediums and physical and digital platforms, developing artistic features to create an inspiring flow. I've developed installations, interpretive programs, public art, digital exhibit concepts, films, graphics, and websites. I've also curated and worked in artifact management and conservation. I've helped my clients develop their stories as an account manager, museum liaison, and creative director.  


I've worked in the early stages on the proposal side as the pinpoint between graphics, producers, writers, additional creative directors, coordinators, sales, and clients. I've also worked as a creative technician on the production side.

Museum exhibits, shows, mobile marketing tours, and product launches worth up to 18 million dollars.The US State Department, The Pentagon,  Union Station of Washington DC, Air Line Pilots Association,  DAR Museum, Wonder Universe, Xerox, Macy's. AOL, Discovery Channel, Xerox, and numerous trade associations.

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