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a D.C. Party Animal

The DC Commission on The Arts and Humanities selected me as one of the artists to create 100 donkey's and 100 Elephants to raise funds for the arts and engage visitors in public art all around the city.


The DC public went wild over the art, going on scavenger hunts to see them all. The project became a cultural phenomenon with tourists and Washingtonians alike.


My design, Watermelophant became a fan favorite. It was featured with others in a PBS documentary, news articles, a coffee table book and merchandise for sale. My design was placed on the official poster and honored as one of 10 selected for production as a desk size sculpture as well.


The project excited tourists who had a lot of questions for about the project.  I realized that the artists could help increase engagement of the public and create more value for the sculptures at auction.



Asset 16creative icons.png
Asset 16creative icons.png
pa grafics.png
The Mission

To increase meaningful engagement through design and public events at the artists level.

I designed colorful text panels (seen here on the right) to sit near the sculpture. These helped inform the public about the project and the artists process from inspiration to the unveiling. I styled my exhibit graphics in a colorful way to match the energy and appeal of the sculpture it'self.

I made my Whole Foods, my sculptures sponsor, sponsor aware of the promotional tie in's. I organized a "meet the artist" opportunity for the public while previewing summer cook out foods in front of the grocery location.

I also enhanced the PBS event by organizing a special call center opportunity. Funders could talk to their favorite Party Animals artists when they pledged by phone as the documentary aired live on TV. This made the pledge experience much more meaningful and valuable for both artists and public.


Watermelophant was one of the most popular designs with the crowd.

  • Watermelophant received one of the highest bids at auction for the DC arts commission generating over $5,000 in funds for the DC commission on the Arts.

  • My mini sculpture raised additional funds at auction too.

  • I eventually became an Arts Commissioner on the Public Art Committee, and the Cultural Arts Steering Committee of Arlington, VA

  • I formed a positive relation ship with the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities and the participating artists alike. Many of the artists on this project became life long friends. 

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