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I consult and work creatively on experiencial storytelling in a variety of ways, usually seeking out clients and helping them develop their stories as an account manager and designer.  


I've worked on exhibition flow, curation, artifact management/conservation, installations, interpretive programs, digital exhibit concepts, graphics and websites, client/fabrication team liaison, fabrication budget management, proposal and bid development.


My work in theater and visual art is what makes me a dramatic and visual storyteller. In this vein I've written, produced, directed and designed for stage shows, films.


But I think it's my experience as an educator of immersive experiences and special events that allows me to interpret the content and design the experience in a way that is way more valuable than if it were just beautiful.

I began my professional career at Disney. I  specialized in special event costume design, which included events, parades and personalized shows and walk around characters that developed from featured content. This was the dawn of participatory/immersive theater in the late 1990's. 

The training at Disney gave me a lot of groundwork in organizational management for productions. As a result, I've specialized in the unusual, stylized, challenging projects. 

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museum exhibit fabrication sales AE 
(+ creative director for the helicopter sculpture and acoustic photo wall) 

The project


My approach

As of result 

  • Exhibit Design and Conservation
    Bamberger Wedding Exhibit (current project) 
    University Interactive Sculpture (Live, Create, Play)

  • Exhibit Liaison (sales /project management /creative direction) Museum Fabrication, Capitol Museum Services  
    Visit Loudoun Visitor Center;
    Airline Pilots Association
    Helicopter Facility "Gerald O. Young Dedication Exhibit"; 
    Meridian International traveling exhibition App -- "Looking forward Looking Back"; 
    Pentagon - "Joint Chiefs Bradly Case;"
    Supreme Court, "Rule of Law;"
    State Department, "Palacio Bosch," Ambassadors Residence, Argentina,
    Marine Band Library, "Women's Marching Band", "Sousa's Baton" and "Library Gallery"
    Wonder Universe, "Photosynthesis"

  • Associate Curator "A Station Reborn", Washington DC

  • Exhibit technician, scenic painter "The Stuff of Childhood" DAR museum. 

  • Content interpretation and programs  
    Left Noodle - Right Noodle, 90 Countries of global arts and culture curriculum and other themes, creative direction,
    "Lolas Lab" immersive educational learning through live action scenarios, with breakout information and maker segments.

  • Visual display technician for retail stores - 
    Sheridan home and others

Gerald O. Young
Dedication Zone


 other museum projects  



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