Creative Direction
+ Strategy

My style is vibrant, bold, colorful and fun. I layer textures to create interest, sophistication and mystery. I immerse the viewer in a colorful world that inspires them to view themselves as a creative, active agent of their world. While my love is fashion and theater at its core, my creative work has been used for different applications.

I imagine the vision, connect the dots, and also work on a technical side. I work among the different mediums and platforms developing the artistic features that will create an inspiring flow. I've developed installations, interpretive programs, digital exhibit concepts, films, graphics and websites. I've also curated, worked in artifact management and conservation. I've helped my clients develop their stories as an account manager, museum liaison and creative director.  I've worked in the early stages on the proposal side, as the pinpoint between graphics, producers, writers, additional creative directors, coordinators, sales and clients. I've also worked as a creative technician on the production side.  These experiences have included museum exhibits, shows, mobile marketing tours, product launches worth up to 18 million dollars. Clients: The 1st. Helicopter Squadron of the United States Air Force, Meridian International, Arlington County, Ballston BID, The US State Department, The Pentagon,  Union Station of Washington DC, Air Line Pilots Association,  DAR Museum, Wonder Universe, Xerox, Macy's. AOL, Discovery Channel, Xerox, and numerous trade associations.

I make content juicy and sticky. I've created 2 long running, museum level participatory arts companies for children,  Lola's Lab and Left Noodle - Right Noodle. During that time, I cultivated my creative abilities in content development, interpretive programing, visual storytelling, branding and product development. I was able to perfect ways that make content more personal, more entertaining, and strikingly visual.  These abilities inform my work in exhibitions.

I create discovery experiences.  I discovered the potential of activations at my first exhibition of paintings when I also designed costumed characters to walk among the patrons and converse. This world building had a strong effect on the patron.s behavior. Once you deliver a story, the audience has learned something and they are positioned and eager to take next steps. I began to blend creative modalities together after that, designing special events and entertainment and for private and corporate clients including Disney. 

My work in these realms come together as edutainment. Through edutainment, I create a multidisciplinary brand experience that activates the participants personal expression and learning. I craft a layered experience as to allow different ways into the content that resonates with different people. I create something that will stir feelings inside someone and activate them to take a next step. 

Beauty and value. My work in theater, film and visual art is what makes me a dramatic and visual storyteller of Edu-tainment. But I think it's my experience as an educator that allows me to interpret content and design in a way that is way more valuable than if it were just beautiful.