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costume + sets + writing + directing + producing

I began my professional career at Disney. I  specialized in special event costume design, which covered parades and personalized shows. This was the dawn of participatory theater in the late 1990's. The training at Disney gave me a lot of groundwork in organizational management for productions. As a result, I've specialized in the unusual, stylized, challenging projects. 

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Lola's Lab
Lola's Lab

founder, programatic and theatrical writer, artistic/creative director, illustrator, costume and product designer

Lola's Lab offered a range of theatrical immersive programming. I wrote over 40 original plays were presented paired with arts curriculum that allowed the audience to participate in the story, breaking the fourth wall. in For 7 years Lola's Lab offered live programs and over the last 5 we began to experiment with licensing our curriculum, and producing immersive video and podcasts called Heroes of Imagination. 

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VSA Arts  - Kennedy Center

co-writer, costume & set designer

VSA celebrates artists with disabilities. The VSA special event united VIP's, in politics and theater, (Laura Bush, Ben Vereen, Ronan Tynan) with 125 professional performers and visual artists from around the world. The 3 hour show was held for one night only at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.


An international cast of disabled artists in a concert hall on a single night makes for a highly complex project. I worked with the international talent, incorporating each persons unique disability acomodations into the costumes I designed. I arranged a staff to accommodate 125 fittings and alterations to be done on a singe day of rehearsal taking place the day before the show.  I designed the sets wheeled scrim shapes which could reconfigure and be lit throughout the show. This allowed for  the flexibility for each act to look unique with interesting color effects, shadows, projections and surprises,.

As co-writer, I suggested we write the script with an overall story including "act- pockets" throughout.  The resulting story was called the Magic Crayon. The crayon, grew larger and larger, demonstrating the power of the arts to create change and move one past perceived limitations.  I designed the costumes in layers to began in black and white adding pops of color whenever characters used the crayon. As they did, the crayon prop light up wand the scenery shifted and a featured act would take the stage.

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special event characters


Special events involve elaborate costumes. For the ASAE show, we built an entire costume shop from scratch just for this effort.  Poseidon, seen below, was part 1 of 9 other extravagant mythological characters. He is made of real hand hammered metal, metallic pleated leather, a hand sculpted with with latex and gold leaf and a real starfish on top of his crown. 


The equally elaborate unicyclist costume seen next to Poseidon, was made for a circus performer. 

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Waking: A Musical Dream Parade

writer, designer

Waking is a story that takes place in parade format,. Henry, the main character, moves through realities as he struggles to find his purpose. Eventually, he enrolls his passion,  saves himself and sets free others along his way who have also been trapped by their fears.