The "40 Years" App

Meridian international, a cultural diplomacy organization desired a brief media component to introduce a traveling photography exhibition documenting successful Chinese and American relationships over the last 40 years. The photography exhibition would travel 10 cities in China. 


They initially asked for a motion graphic but I saw a creative response for activating the visitor instead. In fact, by integrating exploration of the exhibit with QR codes, the audiences could go deeper into the stories and participate with sharable digital postcards and game challenges created during experiences. This strategy would allow Meridian to greatly widen their audience reach, while allowing exploration of all the photos online. 

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How it worked
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Attendees use their own devices to dive behind the photos. As they explore, they help market the exhibit.

The exhibit itself was made available on the app in sections of content. Audiences all over the world could hunt for QR codes at the exhibit or on the Meridians website.  These codes triggered stories and games about select photographs. 

The animated games were designed to have outcomes that the user would want to share socially, thereby sharing the exhibition and attracting new visitors to play and discover the exhibition content.  Using this strategy exhibit exposure was brought to the client and the exhibit, greatly increasing the  value of the initial client deliverable.

I wrote the initial strategy and conceptual ideas, wrote the proposal and sold the project. I managed the budget, I  hired the app developer to join our team, I creative directed the concept and served as the client liaison. 



Audiences discovered play and enjoy entertainment experiences. All 50 photos could be explored in the hunt plus opportunity to catch chicken in a bucket at the KFC in China, play a game of basket ball against star player, Yao Ming, design a dress like the great Chinese American fashion designer Vera Wang, send a postcard from Yosemite, the most visited landmark by Chinese tourists in America, watch an animated cartoon about the giant panda's sent by Fed Ex to America, watch short documentaries about dance and see an interview with Land Lang, one of the the worlds most influential pianists,  

App development collaboration with subcontractor Trivium Interactive.



The app included :

  • 2 games

  • 1 interactive postcard

  • 1 interactive design experience

  • 1 animated video.

  • 2 documentary videos

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Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 11.16.18 PM.png
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