featured project:  Lola's Lab

founder, playwright, brand graphics and illustration, curriculum writing, costume design, artistic direction, producer

LOLA'S LAB is an edutainment production company where I've integrated my writing, production and design work. Since 2010, I've written, produced, and directed over 40 original  immersive audience adventures paired with a project-based curriculum in complex monthly camp environments with episodic theater. The business has served thousands of families and has given me a platform to exercise a wide array of creative and management skills, work with extraordinary visual and performing artists, and allowed me to build and market a large catalog of original material and products.


Currently the Lola's Lab theatrical scripts and curriculum are being licensed to other presenting organizations and  the stories are being developed for the screen and in podcasts as an innovative an e-leaning concept.

Click here for The Lola's Lab website and take a deeper dive into the brand. www.lolaslab.com

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