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Floating in Space

I usually love new beginnings. And since we're in the middle of a sudden pandemic, I am embracing this one. I've recently been working on selling my wearable paintings. I need to explain that (later) but right now, sadly there is fear and sickness all over so it's weird to embrace something that's causing fear. For me, that means to go inside my imagination.

While we are praying for our neighbors, friends and staying supposedly safe inside our homes, my mind wanders everywhere. All this distance from each other has me thinking that it must be something like living in outer space, where you are so far from home and your helmet holds in the air you can breathe and it holds in your voice too. You can't be heard in space anyway even if you could take your helmet off. You are alone in the vast chaos. It's just you and your feelings.

This is the way I felt a few days ago. I did several paintings of space, of black holes and galaxies, and then collaged them into the shirt below this first photo.

Though it's scary, I also hold on to hope that some outcomes will be beneficial and our environment and the trajectory of civilization on earth could be better from the adaptations we learn to make as we change our ways to help ourselves.

So with that in mind, I began to imagine these pandemic germies in a whole new way.

I imagined I was floating in space surrounded the virus -- but then I turned them all into beautiful wild peacocks all around me. The shirt evolved to become this green one above reflecting outward positivity. I'm offering both versions in my shop!

Imagination is a comforting thing.




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