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The Social Issues Collection

As a Washington DC area artist, the national news plays out almost literally in my backyard. The last four years have seen a dramatic polarizing of culture. But movements for women's right, gun legislation, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ and environmental crisis issues, (just to name a few) are rising and on the path towards a better tomorrow.. This collection begins to express the emotions I'm feeling and aims to help by raising funds for organizations through sales of the products and sharing of images that empower us all.


I donate $20 from the sale of each of these posters.

In 2020-2021, donations went to the NAACP.

In 2022-2024, donations go to the ACLU.



Liberty Cries:  I've always loved the Statue of Liberty. She has stood tall, since 1886 representing the ideals  of democracy. Until this summer of 2020,  I believed that my whole country stood behind her proudly as she welcomed diverse and vulnerable populations to Liberty Island (Elis Island).  In fact, .my own relatives came through Elis Island in search of a better life where they could be free of persecution around 1900.

But this year, I opened my eyes to the truth. There is so much racism in this country.. I imagine how Lady Liberty must feel today. 


Though I can't change the past, I can help change the future. We can all do better raising our voices and using our talents. Power to the people. Let's amplify the message-- no one is free until everyone is free. Black Lives Matter. 


The NAACP website is here: :

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