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Expressing a mood, unfolding sequential information. layering illustrations.


Website Design

Phase 1: Decide on creative style

My client, a Reiki Master, asked me to design her new website. We talked about the mood she wanted to express and what she loved about her service of healing. She wanted a relaxed feeling and also a feeling of a personal touch. She was just getting started in this profession. This information helped me to understand that the photos and imagery would need to be very expressive. 

In our 1st phase, I presented mood boards with four choices of imagery using illustrations with a hand-made feel to express her personal touch. I included painterly illustrations and photography with water that I lightened up to express the feeling of sunlight, the infinite sky, calm water, and peaceful well-being. I chose minimalist font styles to work with these images and the feeling of luxury.


Phase 2: Final design

My client liked mood board A best. She loved the minimalist look and features gold and blue touches that enhanced the luxurious feeling of self-care and the fluid feeling of water.


I created the wireframes you see below for desktop and mobile. I included designs for an explanation of services, and a booking page, which she can make visible when her business grows.

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 12.43.43 PM.png

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