Since I began making art, I've wanted to bring things alive for audiences.  In fact, at my very first gallery show of paintings,  I had costumed characters from the paintings walking around among the gallery crowd.


Because I like higher level of engagement. I examine resources and see what other things can be done with them to offer something new to the experience. So in this way, my work is an intersection of entertainment, fine art, education and technology.  Most of the work examples on this site already appear in another category. So this list will help explain how you might see the immersive strategy in each. The PINK LINK will take you to the example's main catagory page.

A variety of examples... 

In the musical parade "Waking," in the final scene, the audiences is greeted by a giant, towering jellyfish. Inside the jelly our story hero, a DJ, is revealed and the Jelly is her DJ booth above the crowd. This activation is designed to create a muscle memory so that the story and it's message of action, are internalized. (Category: Theatrical)

The "Obama Gown," is a gown hand painted with patriotic images. The gown is a beacon to create a public huddle of discussion about the illustrations that appear on the dress. (Category: Illustration)


In the activation of the digital interactive, "Eyes of Ballston," participants converse digitally with a tree of spirits and "wake up" their eyes made of programmed LED's. (Category: Exhibits/Public Art/Technology)


At the outdoor event "Festi-belle," I activated guests in a circular space allowing them to hasten their play experience and become a family through treasured immediacy as they might in Burning Man. They rode art bikes, played with giant bubble wands, dressed up and sang karaoke. (Category: Festival)


In the festival and parade "Bloom," I designed and programed a reboot of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, the traditional experience transforms a celebration of history into a canvas of progressive art by artists that live in DC now. It features a juried artisan parade and flotilla, open art studios and art classes. (Category: Festival)

In the "40 Years iphone app" for Meridian International Center, I creative directed a phone app for people to explore a diplomacy exhibit as they play hidden games that augment the exhibit information.  Although the exhibit traveled in China, it could be  played from anywhere in the world. The games were also built to be shared socially to market the exhibit. (Category: Exhibits/Technology)

In Lola's Lab and Left Noodle Right Noodle I created 2 participatory arts companies for children which activated imaginations around content. LNRN allowed children to explore cultural diplomacy through personalization of art, movement and drama. Adding to this, Lola's Lab in particular was a kin to a LARP (Live Action Role Play)  adventure in learning with live characters, plot twists and break out maker labs that gamified participation in an original story experience. (Category: Education)