all works
of art.

Being yourself

beautifies the world.





  • Our colorful, comfortable collections are made of high quality performance fabrics are designed to be comfortable and wearable for daily activities, workouts, festivals and definitely on the dance floor (where you'll find me!)

  • Works of art  beautify the world and that means we need to sustainable. There is no waste in our process because your order is created on demand.  So please choose your correct size. The size charts are viewable inside the expanded product's photos and on the size chart page. Since we manufacture based on YOUR order, we do not carry inventory, so sales are final. 

  • We work with manufacturers who include eco friendly and healthful practice as their policy too. Our manufacturers are located in US and Europe so that your order is made as close to you as possible to reduce shipping distance.

  • Products usually take  2-3 weeks to fulfill in the USA. If your product takes longer, we can help track it. Please contact us.


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