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Artist News ~ Fall 2023!

Hello and Happy Fall, my friends!

I don't know about you, but a season change always excites me! Fall always brings the freshness of new beginnings and the thrills of the year's busiest season!

With this in mind, I've got new business plans, fresh design motifs, and special home products this fall! I'll have you covered, feeling artistically fresh, beautiful, and unique all season long. From outdoor adventures like apple picking to indoor holiday celebrations and gift-giving to your favorite people as the winter kicks in, I have creative new products and experiences in store!

NEW MOTIFS! Allow me to introduce the SCRIBBLY FUN FLOWER and THE MOON ABOVE! These two new illustrated motifs were made to enhance both your home and wardrobe palates! Sustainability is important to me, so I design my prints and hand-painted work to look good all year round. Mixing them is how you can create your expressive twist on the season or event! As with all my products, these are made-to-order. As clothing pieces, these motifs are currently offered as graphic tees that add vibes to anything you wear. They look especially awesome layered with pieces from my other collections, like the sophisticated Cicada collection, or for example, if you're on the Barbie trend, my prints also look fab with hot pink and other bright colors! The Flower and the Moon are both new tees!

I'm also introducing prints on luxurious, down-filled pillows! Whoo-hoo! These pillows bring a bolt of color and energy into a room (whether it's your home or as a lovely gift!) The beautiful print comes in different sizes on linen-like textured fabric that's washable and has a well-designed, hidden zipper on the case!

EVENTS! I have a new events page! I'm planning a few shows in the DC region this fall, starting with a special show at my studio on September 24. and a similar show on October 21-22 in Berkeley Springs, WV. RSVP here to get the details. ( That's me in the photo at 2AM! I have so much to do so I was in the creative zone after dinner and I just kept painting all night, while listening to records (Sly and the Family Stone greatest hits, Earth Wind and Fire, Sergio Mendez...) At this show, I'm showing new paintings on canvas, mannequins with colorful hand-painted ball gowns and applique. I'll have the all the samples of printed clothes and home goods available to touch and try on. It'll be a great opportunity to see how my art has developed!

If you can't make it to an event, no worries! If you want me to come to you, I'm currently booking in-home trunk shows at my client's homes for this fall and winter! These artsy visits allow you to share my art with friends you know who love art! The afternoons are a chance to gather with friends for entertaining artistic conversation and an exciting shopping experience (with no pressure to purchase). I began these trunk shows last winter, and they were an instant success! Everyone in attendance shared such a joyful time and allowed us all to celebrate ourselves. I'd love to come to your home and meet your friends. Reach out if you'd like to learn more!

Please let me know how you are doing! If you need any help ordering, if you'd like to schedule a get-together this season, or if you just want to say hello! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Lots of love and creativity, Lola



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