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Here's what's coming for 2023

Hello friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am so excited about this big, bold year and what adventures in art we will all enjoy. So, take a breath, and dive in -I'm starting with great news!


If you read my blogpost 2 entries ago, it explained I've been creating some art using experimental photographic techniques (some camera-less and some combining camera-less and traditional camera) which I submitted to the Smithsonian. The curators only displayed the "camera-less" one as it was an exhibit focusing on camera-less photography. But the Smithsonian put a link to my site, to see all the related images in my series, which was very nice of them! I made a framed print last month and I've just made a special new wearable product from this artwork with colors adapted for a fashion palette! A tote bag! I'm going to be doing a "show and tell" about this project and more on Facebook, Jan 24.

Being featured with the Smithsonian is a big dream of any artist and having grown up in the DC area, the Smithsonian was part of my life for field trips every year and on weekends with family. I'm humbled to even think that the public can currently see my work in a Smithsonian online exhibit. Especially as a woman--statistically, it’s still rare for museums to feature women artists, so I’m feeling really happy about that too! I want to share how much it means to me that you support me too! It really means everything when women artists are supported! Here's a link to the 3 Schools of Photography exhibit.


Last season I worked on increasing my visibility and directly seeing what works, by selling at markets for the first time. I leaned a lot. Jackets stood out as the most popular thing being wearable all year and offering instant wardrobe pizzazz! I also found out that one size fits all products might be helpful tool. So I’ll be adding more in 2023 like the Totes!

I also reconnected with how much I love to share my work in person. People love to touch things and try things on. So this year, I expect to do more markets, and I'd love to add home shows too! At home shows, it's a social setting where, I don't need to bring a table or signage, I can just share how I make the art, bringing just the clothes and some wine! Please reach out and let me know if you’d be interested in hosting a home show? It’s OK if you are out of the DC area. I may be traveling to your area this year.


This year I'm planning almost monthly "live" releases of new art and products! Last year I faced my fears with the beginning of releasing on Facebook Live. No kidding, last summer I was so nervous to put myself out there. But you all were so generously welcoming. Thank you so much! It turned out not to be as scary as I thought --I could so easily communicate stories of the art creation, show off what the work really looks like on and answer all your questions as you asked them. Lesson learned! Goodbye old impromptu self, hello planner self!

With this schedule below, I'll be there with new things you’ll love right in time for when you need them! I’ll send you reminders on Instagram and FB regarding times. Here’s how it will roll out— assuming I can create this much!

So here’s to a great 2023!

See you at the January 24 Facebook Live! If you haven’t pressed the “like” button on my Facebook/Instagram pages yet, please be sure to do that so you don’t miss the announcements and the fun! And as always, if you have any questions or comments, please reach out!

Love to you all!




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