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Fall Colors Take Flight: With the New Cicada Apparel Collection

Late this summer I noticed some cicada wings in my garden. I find

all wings captivating- birds, butterflies, and especially wings on flying cartoon hearts, but these wings were signals of the coming seasonal change.

There are many cycles in nature, which can inspire us to live in the moment, to be ourselves, to be available, ready for anything. Cicada's are a great example. Cicadas live a 17 year cycle and sleep underground for most of it. When they come they capture everyone's imagination! Once they emerge, they take over the skies and the trees chirping, looking for their love, to mate and begin their cycle again. They can buzz and fly unpredictably so I never got too close. But suddenly, with these wings in my own hand, I was able to stare at them and examine the cicada's intricate beauty up close.

The wings were long, and their thin shape and had gossamer-like windows between each vein. The wings allowed my imagination to take flight, with the coming fall shades of color in the trees and flowers in my garden, breathtaking oranges, greens and purples. The northeast is great that way -- the colors around us mix in what might appear like an iridescent gradient in the dappled light of fall.

I imagined a collection would let us feel alive and at one with the season and everything in it, present and capable of our own iridescent newness every day though the winter, even when the forces of nature appear to be sleeping.

Once the samples came in I wore them to my hip hop class to test them out, and then raced to capture the collection in the peak of natures colors! I think you'll enjoy the photos I took of my BFF Shruthi, her husband Shyam and their dog, Coco. Shruthi is a dancer and community manager of a theater. We met when I was looking for an Bollywood dance teacher 17 years ago. We've been best friends ever since. We've even traveled to India, Spain, France and Mexico together.

This collection of artistic pieces is designed to be as versatile, and active as you are. I created expanded size wing patterns on leggings with pockets a, sports bra with the same periwinkle design and a stand out art piece - a coordinating jacket with an array of gorgeous colors that almost shimmer through the jacket's fabric sheen. It's unisex and it's chic enough to be worn as sportswear or styled up for going out. It's truly special! With zipper and comfortable pockets that can hold your wallet and phone, it’s ready for anything!

There are so many ways to wear these great pieces. I tried to capture many different ways to wear these pieces but I know you will add to what I've captured.

This collection is so versatile! I love to pair things with white or black, which really sets off the print as a frame and white walls do in a museum gallery. After all, this is artwork! But the collection also pairs well with both bright and muted colors - especially periwinkle, orange, blue, and purple. These colors work well in winter weather you live in a hot or cold climate. In general, the whole look can come together quick and affordably!

I'm excited to have pocket leggings available now. These are really great! I like the pocket leggings which have some compression (firmness) to them, for my running around so I don't have to take my purse.. And I wear the yoga leggings which have no pockets, when I go swimming, biking, or when I wear them under dresses or lounging around the house. They are so soft and comfy.

Hot Climate? Pair the cicada leggings with a solid tank top and be ready for anything,

Cold Climate: Add a solid sweatshirt and some black boots to your leggings- that is how I'm doing it daily... I just got some patent leather boots!

Any Climate:

Add the Cicada jacket over any of these combinations or just wear the jacket with solid separates underneath. And a cute tip I do often is tying the jacket around my waist- it's sort of like a skirt with pockets that way. Really convenient when I'm out for a walk. And if it's really cold I put the jacket over my hoodie.

My mom likes to wear hers Cicada yoga leggings (no pockets) with white button down tops and fabulous jewelry. She sports an effortlessly chic look great for her travels, and cultural escapades with friends.


will you try?

Please send me pictures of you wearing them! I'd love to see you in all your expressive joy! I hope you all have as much fun with these new pieces as I have had making them for you!



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