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My work is in the Smithsonian!

Pinch me, because I still can't believe it! My artwork is going into a Smithsonian exhibition!

Is that a painting? Is that a photograph? What you are looking at above and below are photographs taken without a camera! Wha??? YES! With light sensitive paper! I also merged a "camera-less" photo and a photo taken with a traditional camera method - the lone above, which is my favorite!

I created these experimental new works over the summer of 2022 when I began a deeper practice in fashion photography and portraiture which stemmed from all the photography I've been doing to support my brand, mostly. This led to entering my work into a special juried masterclass at the Smithsonian with famed photographer Ike’ Ude. His work is in a big show at the Smithsonian African Art Gallery currently. And then this subsequently resulted in making the new work and being selected into a juried online exhibition of experimental photography. I am one of 6 artists in the show. When the show goes up, I promise to let you all know. In the meantime, I am going to tell you about it now!

An image as a physical diary:

My idea was to make a physical recording of one whole day at the beach. I collected used things I experienced during my day such as flowers from a bike ride, a little smear of my sunscreen and morning toothpaste, even my margarita lime slice. I artfully placed these items on the paper while inside a dark closet. Then I went out to exposed them to the sun. After a period of time, I rinsed the paper with different liquids I was interacting with that day— pool water, sea water and a variety of drinks. The different substances caused lovely textured reactions on the paper. Later, at sunset, I captured traditional pictures of the beach. The tide had pushed the waters over the sand into pools. There was this lazy, hazyness in the air. It was that "end of summer" feeling where time slows down to let you enjoy every last drop it has to offer you.

Back at my studio, more alchemy!

Once on the computer again, I digitized and merged parts of these images carefully into one beautiful image. The final image was a diary that I think still shares that beachy feeling. It’s so beautiful and abstract. If you didn't now it was made from photos you might think it was an abstract painting. Do you feel it all around you when you look at it? I had one made and sent to my dad for his 80th birthday. He loved it! It was the perfect gift.

Framed print of Rehoboth Saltwaters 18"x18"
Rehoboth Saltwaters, 18" x 18, framed in black (also available in white)

I've made this print (the merged one) available for sale in my shop.

The print will arrive artfully framed and ready to hang. The framing and the quality of the print look absolutely fantastic! I offer 3 great sizes/prices to choose from. On the page there is a little video of me showing you how it arrived. I have a little video explaining how well it is packed and show you what it's like unboxing it so you'll see it's well made and very cared for all the way to your door.

I hope you enjoy my new work and that it inspires you to try new things too. Creatively, Lola



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