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How to pack in 10 minutes for a casual weekend away.

After a year at home basically living in leggings it’s been extra special to get away for the occasional weekend. I have it down to a science! No matter if it’s packing for the cold weather or sunshine, keeping it chic and easy is all about good looking, flexible pieces. Here’s all you'll need:

1) Start with the basics, leggings and sports bras. My leggings are so colorful and soft and so I feel good in them when I travel. Also they match with lots of colors and layers no matter what the season.

2) Since I need to be ready for anything, a great pair of skinny jeans will suffice.

2) On top I put a couple of light tees and a couple of super soft tank tops. These give me a host of options during travel. The tanks serve countless functions — I can wear them with the leggings or jeans, but they'll also be great for workouts, under sweaters, swim cover ups, or even as PJ’s.

3) A jean jacket or a moto. This will take care of cool breezes on a walk or the night chill at outdoor dining. If I get hot, I just tie it on my waist.

4) I always toss in some coordinating scarves. This pulls the look together with extra flair and also fends off any breezes just in case.

5) The outer layer. Here’s where you consider your activities and the weather. Today it’s really cold out. So I’ll pack a sweater or two, and wear my outer layer while I travel- the coat, gloves and hat. (I already have my scarf from step 4!)

If I am going skiing or camping, I might bring a pair of sweats or snow pants for over top my leggings. And they G-L-I-D-E right on over these leggings. The trapped air between the layers keeps me warm, and all the softness feels so good. Normally two layers might be bulky, but not with my leggings. They are as soft and silky smooth like skin, so no bulk.

However, if I’m expecting sunshiny days or a soak in a hot tub, I'd pack my swimsuit. (I’ll already have the coordinating tees and tanks packed from step 2.)

6) The skivvies - socks and undies, PJ’s and toiletries and some basic jewelry - I chose brass here because its simple and chic but anything would work.

I told ya that was fast, right? Its time to go!

Bon voyage, Good Lookin'!



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