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Love will Find a Way!

First- I know it's not Valentines Day yet., I just felt ready to post so I am doing it anyway! Here's why. I have been thinking about LOVE! And you can't contain love!

You see, there's been a lot of love expended in the last year. I know - you might be thinking, "What! This last year has been terrible." Yea. Totally! But this last year there has also been more love out in the community than ever too. And I am focusing on THAT because that LOVE is what is getting us all though.

There's been lots of family love, community love, heroic love, (lot's of health care love) and hopefully lots of self love too. You know there's the love expended for just keeping it together when times are trying all cooped up in the house.

There just doesn't seem to be a number high enough to weight the amount of love that's been all around us. Some days I'm over flowing with feelings. So to keep myself together, I kept painting, and I kept positive, thinking about all that love.

My art has been my way to send out the feelings inside me. When my brush hits the paper, I am a well of love, coloring joy and hope for humanity. And when I imagine people putting on my leggings and jackets, sports bras and tops, I imagine them filling themselves up with the awesome vibes in all that color! Enveloped by positivity and joy. United in cosmic energy - all of us letting our colors shine for each other and ourselves. When you put this Love Bomber Jacket on, you'll feel the love too.

So this year, please don't worry about Valentines. I'm your Valentine. The World Community is your Valentine. Just remember all the day-to-day love almost everyone is putting out there, especially YOU.

I leave you with a sublime old-school groove to drive it home. Normally I like my dance beats fast, but this one makes more sense today.

Love you all,

Lola PS- I know I should have written much more often. This year has been easier for me to just paint. I will try to do better.



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