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Make it big! Paint your house.

What if everyone painted their homes with murals? I often wonder people don't. Actually I know for sure that the world is a better place when you do and I'm excited to share my story.

Here I am below in a photo from last summer. I'm in front of my painted house, holding a painting of mine (Vote -from the Special Collection), wearing another painting of mine (leggings from the Space Collection). A trifecta of painting!

When I first painted my own house I was terrified to do it. Before I painted it, years went by where I'd pull into my drive way feeling incomplete and grumpy. My house was...boring. Ugh, thats the W.O.R.S.T. I never really liked my house from the outside. Your home should reflect you and mine didn't reflect me at all.

I live on a block of very repetitive brick houses built 80 years ago. So I was worried that if I did anything artsy my neighbors would get mad at me "shaking up the vibe." But artists are here to disrupt and propel so one sunny day when the weather was just so unbelievably nice out I simply couldn't contain myself. I had just returned from a trip to a museum and I was inspired by all the color I had seen. I just decided to go for it and I figured if I didn't like it, I could always just paint my house white - that seemed acceptable in my hood. Starting from the first section, something amazing happened! People began to stop in front of my house as they walked by to introduce themselves and tell me how much they loved what I was painting. As the mural took shape, the comments became even more frequent and exciting. People shared how they always made it part of their daily walk around the neighborhood. I'm so glad the painting has been there for people, especially during this pandemic year, when people have been walking around even more. Last month, met I met a man who introduced himself. He told me that he was moving away, and one thing he was really going to miss was walking past my house! I really had no idea my work made such an impact. I am so happy that I can contribute to others. I've met so many people and made so many friends. So if you're on the fence about painting yours, trust me, it's a great idea! Just imagine what an impact it has!

Since I have only one house and so many ideas, here's what I'm doing now -I'm painting (mockups) of other peoples houses! This is a house I've admired for it's clean lines. I thought might look nice painted with my new Ranunculus pattern which is a coordinate from the new Summer Bouquet collection I've been working on.

If you're wondering if you should paint your house, know you now- it's a great idea. It really makes people smile. Just imagine it!



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