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(the Forest of Knowledge)

interactive Public Art + Placemaking 

Client: Ballston Improvement District

Public Displays of Innovation, the overarching exhibition, won a Downtown Achievement Award from the International Downtown Association. This temporary project also enjoyed installation in the contemporary gallery at the Artisphere, in Rosslyn, VA. 

IThe Eyes of Ballston was Interactive sculpture with a web app for public engagement..  (16), 4' wide sculptural eyes. on a custom steel scaffold transformed the empty park into a interactive conversational art space. This installation made the visitors stop and consider if everyday objects like the tree they passed each day, held spirits within--even conversations. Was there more to this place than they ever realized? What potential to connect was there all along?  


Using a connected mobile web application, they eyes asked participants questions and respond to their answers. The eyes were designed to "emote" back to the  public on the audiences personal devices.  Depending on personalities and amount of people engaging, up to 5 souls could reveal and speak to engaged visitors in the public park. where they were installed . The eyes were programmed with a range of pre-scripted/pre-designed emotional activity.

The eyes were a team project consisting of myself (Design, storytelling), Bardia Jaan (Producer), Adam Eig (fabricator) and Branden Hall (programmer)


interactive public art  / storyteller,  designer

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