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interactive public art  / storyteller,  designer

I'm really intrigued by developing combinations of media that give the audience an artistic or personal response after their feedback. Concepts in this project include interactive sculpture,  web app, location attraction, gamification. 


In the Eyes of Ballston, sixteen, 4' wide sculptural eyes. "emoted" based on conversations with the public on the audiences personal devices.  Depending on personalities and amount of people engaging, up to 5 souls revealed themselves in a range of emotional activity which  transformed the empty park into a interactive conversational artspace. The eyes were a collaboration by the Illumination Coalition consisting of myself, Bardia Jaan, Adam Eig and Branden Hall.

Another interactive concept I've directed was the 40 Year's phone app., which gave exhibit access to people all over the world. via a gaming experience. This was a Capitol Museum Services collaboration with developers Trivium Interactive, for Meridian International.


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