event production, graphic design

Anabelle, the Bat Mitzvah, is an artsty teen. She's warm and expressive, artistic and theatrical.
The goal - to cause 100 disparate people to become 1 family as warm as she is, in just 3 hours.

The solution- to design a transformational, artisanal experience, evocative of Burningman, 

I designed the branding to eluded to the artistic event to come. This was the basis for all invitations, wayfinding and signage for stations and takeaway gifts, and custom art installations.  I chose the neighborhood cul-du-sac for the event because it's circular shape was perfectly situated to design for opportunities that would create emotional connections among the guests. A giant puppet was created as a beacon a colorful and exciting destination at the top of a hill.  I designed a circular flow of engagement spaces to allow repeated intermixing of friends and family. Even the most formal folk would become comfortable to play. Costumes, instruments, karaoke, giant bubbles, art projects and art bikes were available for guests to participate in ways that would invite play and interaction.  Custom installations were created everywhere. Now when anyone comes to that cul-de-sac, they see beyond the circle of homes on a quiet street at the tp of the hill. The joy from that day still lingers in the air.


See event layout below for how that was achieved.