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featured project: "bloom" - national cherry blossom festival rebrand

rebrand for festival, concept new mission, tagline, concept for opening ceremony and closing flotilla with extended focus on community participation

Promoted as a weekend of expression for everyone, "In Imagination in Bloom would rebrand the festival with a signature celebration of progressive arts influenced by the friendship between the US and Japan. Bloom would extend the festival's impact outward from the heart of the city. It would  inspire the public to attend artistic classes an performances held in all over the metro area the same weekend.

Cherry Blossom Flotilla
Cherry Blossom Flotilla

I've reimagined the festival events to include a parade highlighting Japanese influence on the arts. Dancers evoke the flow of water, flowers and butterflies on a Japanese river bank. Painted kimonos follow behind them. The kimonos would be designed by local artists for auction after the parade.

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